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Close to ready to fly!


Here's a look at my finished Phoenix 2000 with it's fluorescent orange bottom, very close to it's maiden flight later this morning. All that remains to do is to add the cooling air exit vents on the sides of the fuselage somewhere aft of the battery position, and to also enlarge the hole in the aft end of the fuselage.

A section of 2" wide tape was applied to the fuselage's belly to add visibility and also offer some scuff protection on landings.

Flying weight is at 41-1/2 ounces. To balance on the 70mm back CG marks, the 3S 1800 Nano-Tech battery has it's front edge aligned with the battery tray's front edge- easy to position on the velcro.

I've now assembled a vented spinner midpart with a set of Freudenthaller 10.5x6 blades to fly on this bird. I want the cooling air to be directed by this spinner's 'ram air' center intake directly in through the motor mount vent slots & back through the interior of the motor's case. This is a 40mm spinner for a 3mm motor shaft, H.K. part # 6357. while a 45mm spinner would match the nose of this fuselage even better, this is one which I had on hand from a previous order, so it's what I'll be flying for now.

By drilling holes with a #52 drill bit in the control horns, and with a #53 drill bit through the servo arms for the Z-bend ends of the stock control rods, I'm able to use the linkage rods, control horns and clevises which came with this version III kit. I'm using ~1/2" long sections of large silicone fuel tubing as clevis keeper sleeves. The plastic material itself seems to be flexible & resilient, so all that's needed is to keep them solidly latched... the tube sleeves do that nicely.

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