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Points taken and now agree concerning the historic value and rarity of the vintage plastic planes, and the courage it takes to fly them without harm. There is indeed a "different" set of flying skills you need to access in order to accomplish same.

My statement was intended to be more along the line of the vast differences between the flying abilities of a plastic airplane and a 35-sized sport flyer capable of the stunt pattern.

I know I was thrilled at the heavy pull on the lines and solid feel of the airplanes when I went from my .049's to the bigger stuff back in the 1960's. However, one must remember that I believed what I read in the instruction sheets of my built up balsa .049's: 35' Dacron lines! Talk about "light" feeling out there on the end of the lines!

FWIW: In the early 80's I begin to fly some 1/2 A combat with 35' .012 cable lines and TeeDee's. Wow... that too... was vastly different than a Golden Bee powered Combat Kitten on 35' dacron lines! I really enjoyed tinkering with 1/2A combat over the next decade or so... even hooking up with a group in OKC and flying some 1/2A combat with them a few times. Lots of fun... but you can sure tear up some airplanes!


Thanks for the welcome and glad you have enjoyed my verbosity!! (I "talk" alot online, apparently.) I don't know a thing about electric C/L. Perhaps that would be a fun online study one of these winter evenings. I have yet to determine how much of my interest in control line is nostalgic motivated, or flying experience motivated. If nostalgic, then the electrics may not ring my bell and the glow engines will have to be part of the equation in some way. If the flying experience itself is the big kahuna... then it won't be as important as to what is powering the airplane. All this to be determined in good time.

I must confess that it does still sound REALLY GOOD to hear a nice 36X going through its paces at the end of the lines. I so wish someone around here flew these old vintage combat planes, too. For I just love to watch them manuerver and listen to the sounds of the engine/etc.


Big time respect from this boy if you're still flying at 85 MPH in your 70's!!!

As for the synthetics: You gotta' remember I'm (for the most part) a product of Duke's indoctrination when it comes to things glow engine. Duke was adamant about castor oil and its superior lubrication qualities. I must say, that my experience repairing customer engines really substantiated his doctrine. Soooo... I reckon', for better or worse, I'll be staying with 100% castor in my ancient and prized "babies". The clean up will just have to be better addressed. (Like wet wipes and cleaning spray and paper towels ON SITE when flying.)


After the first flight yesterday, my helper said something to the effect "No wonder your wife doesn't like to launch these things!". (He said as he held out the front of his goo covered pull-over fleece hoodie!) I laughed and made the comment that REAL MEN don't mind a bit of grease an' goo on them! (Yeah... hypocritcal... but hey... what else was I to say?)

Well... did it again. Typed a novelete instead of a reply. There is no hope.
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