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"In between"

You can put a 10-4 or an 11-4 on the 36X, and it cannot fly as fast. You can measure some engines at the Tulsa Collecto and find one or more from current engine designs that will drop into 36X mounts, and run on fuel with 5-6% castor plus 18% synthetic (much easier to clean up at the end of the day).

Even the Powermaster Fuels (now marketed by VP) with 50/50 lubrication were cleaner running that straight castor (11% synthetic oil, 11% castor). About a year before I first went to Tulsa, I'd been flying slower planes, nothing faster than about 65-70 mph, for several years, and I was already 60 back then. Jeff had several spare Arrowplanes, and motor mounts for Fox 35 Combat, which fit the OS Max 25s.

I went with him to Amarillo to a contest there, and flew a couple of those planes then, with 10-4 props. My problem that day was the patterns on my running shoes had too good a grip, literally. The grass circles have asphalt centers, and the surface texture was rough. I kept stumbling when I wanted to side-step, and the shoes wanted me going straight ahead instead!

Same as you, I kept on maneuvering on the downwind half. I don't imagine I was flying any faster than 85 mph, maybe 90, but it seemed faster. I was a happy guy that day, though. Those Arrowplanes are really special.

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