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Originally Posted by Twizter68 View Post
The problem I see is that you can't often separate the possession charge from other charges; the statisticians use a catch-all, "drug-involved" and batch those in with the possession cases to make the numbers appear worse. The problem is, the possession charges are often on top of something else, assault, robbery, B&E, and so forth. It's all well and good to get pious and scream "That's Racist!" about incarceration rates, but you have to look at the crimes that accompany the relatively minor possession charges; I know when I worked for the SO in Georgia, possession charges were only add-ons to the major charges someone got pinched for, because at the times they were arrested, more often then not they were high or had dope on them.
For simple possession poor people and minorities get harsher sentences than white people and wealthier people do. Plenty of people are arrested for just possession so you can just look at that metric. You don't have to separate anything out.
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