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A very good question. I wonder if higher ups have discussed it. There is very little pro and con discussion if any during the election cycle.

I know little about the answers to" What If". No proof but I think selling drugs is a major source to make money for the black community. If that source of income dries up what replaces it? Would crime escalate? Is pot a gate way drug? What if meth is legalized? Can a long term meth or opiate user be rehabilitated?

What do we do with heavy users that can't or won't work? More welfare? Legalized drugs did a lot of damage in China and even started a major war I'm told.

So from a Machiavellian stand point I say legalize it and see what happens. Darwin will take over and users will die by the millions, but maybe not.

While we are at it maybe we should legalize prostitution. Seems to be many reasons for its need.

I like to drive fast. Why do we need arbitrary speed limits that is in place to make a lot of money for the various Governments.

Then maybe we should legalize gambling. It's legal for the State and a few select companies to do it. Why can't I run a book out of my home?

I don't want my kids and their kids to use any of these items. Did I have a right to brain wash them as children to keep your distant and don't be a user. Maybe not.

Maybe all this is natures way to reduce population in a over populated world.

Lots of questions that I can't answer.
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