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Hi, Ken.

I was able to make the stock pushrods work by grinding the very back portion of the housing, where it exists the fuse, and lubricating the pushrods with a little Vaseline. Others have gone to smaller wire, which I will probably do sometime over the winter, or replaced the whole works.

I'll repost the pic of how I was able to fit the servos. After removing the front part of the servo tray I ground off the corners of the servos and just glued them in. If I have to remove them I will take the rest of the tray out. If I do that I will use some 1/4" thick basswood glued to the bottom of the fuse in about the same position then glue in the new servos (NOTE: The old servos will probably come out in pieces.) down with silicone or use double-sided tape.

Yes. The V-tail is used as ruddervators. It's very effective for both pitch and yaw control. I've flown a couple planes without rudder over the years and I don't like them much. I use the rudder a lot to make flat thermal turns and on landing approaches. In fact, I am so used to using the rudder in turns that I have to break the habit whenever I fly an aerobatic plane.

BTW. The angle between the two sides of the tail are at 117 degrees on mine. It seems like most V-tails are between 110 and 120 degrees and 117 is just where the sides fit together best.

Here's that picture:
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