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Andre - welcome back. It was a pleasant surprise that you started posting and chronicled your re-entrance. As to your somewhat less - than - satisfying results on day one, well not so surprising. One thing that you haven't mentioned as considering - get yourself a nice-flying electric control line setup to fly in between the Cub flights -- not something 1/2A size, but something 35-40 size. I guarantee that you will find it as much fun and relaxation - you will enjoy the physical connection to the plane but with none of the hassles and anxiety of glow powered combat planes (and none of the goo, either). It is simply a matter of rolling out the lines, flying until you have had enough and rolling up the lines again. It may re-kindle your fire for the glow stuff too. There are some interesting developments going on - the recently passed rule change making RC control of functions other than elevator (in competition and in certain events) and the development of RPM governing timers for control line being two examples. Or, you may find that it's just not your cup of tea anymore. Either way, you will learn something interesting, and either way, welcome back.
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