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Originally Posted by high as a kite View Post
....Is Sprectrum 2.4 that bad????....
In a word.....NO

Have used DX7 (DSM2) last three seasons and DX18 this past season. With all sats installed and antennae oriented properly running 4.8V large capacity batts capable of providing enough power without voltage dropping have never even had a hint of issue. Flight logs always show low numbers. I even have one plane that I never used any Sats on and it is fine too. It has a huge Lipo and I never run it even close to LVC.

Make sure all controls have no friction or binding. An over-worked servo will draw excess current and drop your voltage.

I always have NiMh batt packs fresh off the charger right before I leave.

I never fly Lipo powered Tx that is more than 25% drained.

My planes that have no separate Rx battery use quality speed controllers that provide plenty of power to the built in BEC.

Space your Sat Rx's as far apart as possible and as far from any other electronic equip in the plane as you can get them. Line up your antennae on as many axes as you can. If you have all the "90 degree" ones covered, put additional ones at 45 deg.

Never run your power system close to the edge of its capability. Set it up so you are only drawing around 60-70% of what the specs say it will handle.

Have all Rx's LED's visible so you can confirm each time you fire up that they are all connected.

Don't leave your radio equipment in situations where they can build up condensation. Keep them in a moderate temperature environment, never swinging wildly from hot to cold and back again, and be careful of storing in areas of excess humidity no matter what the temperature.

You can't just toss radio equipment into the airplane randomly, run cheap BEC or batt pack, push the batteries right to the end of their capacity, or have control systems that bind and drag and then, be surprised/blame it on "That crappy Spektrum stuff", when you lose control.
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