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Todays progress

Today project, how to spend a sunday
Drill out the A frames 2.75 mm
Fit a 2.1mm ID brass bearing in to the frames
Trial fit in to the hull with pattermakers wax
Fit cast brass 25mm 2mm 162 type warship props to the shaft with
lock nut and nylon washers
Fit 2mm shafts in to the hull with wax, and lose fit A frames,
in to hull to ensure they line up and run smooth
(will add oiling tubes later if run is a success)
Make a motor mount from hardwood and vacform in 1.5mm Hi Impact styrene
Sand to fit in to the hull bottom and line motor up with shafts
Trial fit motor in mount and temp hold in place with
D /S carpet tape for the test run. was going to use 108s to ease lining
up problems but have concerns will not have enough tourque for a heavy
boat with small props
Fit 2mm / 2.3 MM EXL couplings and lubricate with vaseline.
Repeat with opposite side.
Temp fit rudder servo in place with servo tape for the test run.
Make pattern for a battery boxe and vacform x 2 in Hi Impact plastic.
Wire up and fit 2 x 3800 ah Nimh packs
Test in pond, it takes 3.8Kgs lead ballast to bring to bottom of waterline,
this is some very heavy boat.
Fit 4 channel radio with 2 x 10amp ESC and rudder servo, bench test all.
Lightly lubricte the bearings with teflon so none gets on the boat,
Put batterys on charge and wait for the day to warm up and off to the
lake this afternoon.
Have coffee with shot of scotch ready for anti freeze purpose only.
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