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I only got to take a brief look at my Specter today...hopefully more time tomorrow.
Yes, the fuselage servos are definitely causing me some concern. I didn't realize just how tight that area really is. I have quite a stock of servos I have built up over the years, so I started going through them, trying to find some to fit in there. Sheesh, not a lot of luck
I do have 2 Bluebird 308BB servos that fit into the stock servo tray just fine. I am using these servos in a couple of my planes and all have done very well. My little Merlin has them, but of course it's a lot smaller plane. Small, but very overpowered fast!

What were your ideas about installing new pushrods? Different wire size? CF?

Remove servo tray? How/where would you mount the servos on their sides?

And the most stupid question.....with the V-tail, Are they setup as 'rudder-vators'? How effective is that V shape acting as a rudder? I only noticed it tonight that the tail wasn't just an elevator....I kept going over the kit requirements wanting 4 servos...."what was that 4th servo for"? I thought it was a mistake, but it finally dawned on me...rudders, so the need for a second fuselage servo. I Siren hotliner only has the elevator w/out rudder...........

I guess that's about it for now. I appreciate all the advice from you Specter experts out there.
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