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Originally Posted by Keyrigger View Post
Most large helicopters, when in pod and boom form, will easily exceed 100 mph in full forward flight. The thrust is not known and if enough, would still create a speed that could destabilize the heli. A flybarless controller may be able to compensate for the dissymmetry of lift, but at some point, you will not have the control you need for basic flight, as all pitch/aileron movement will be taken up by the FBL controller. Even a full size heli has a "Do Not Exceed" speed so that control will not be lost. As I said, I would hate to see someone put thousands of dollars into a model heli only to loose it on an untried experiment. Seeing those thrusters installed is one thing, finding successful flights using them is another. Someone may have done it, but so far, it has not shown up in the ususal places.


PS. High performance F3C style helis (and others) are already well over 150 mph so the speed would need to be much higher to loose lift. I am sure that if the stock Airwolf would reach 90 mph, a boost to 150 would not be destablizing but certainly would be shocking to the pilot the first time he/she tried it, lol.
Agreed, anything zippy around the flying field at 100 - 150 mph is hard to keep in your eyesight for very long. Plus, helicopters are a little harder to keep orientation of at distance than a fixed wing.

I do think the idea of a scale Airwolf would be pretty cool to see realized. Even if the bird was just cruising around at 30 mph, having its forward thrust come only from EDFs would be a pretty cool thing.
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