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Originally Posted by kdean View Post
Last year i started with one 500, it did'nt cost me much. Along the way i pick up the upgrade parts and better electronics for it. Now i have enough stuff to build a second 500. I could sell one (here in the bahamas) and get some return on my investments, or continue the cycle of slowly building up the upgrades until i can build another for only the cost of the air frame and rx. I see it as a long term payment plan on helis, that leaves me with options to expand or sell off. It wont be long now until i start looking for a second 600 sized air frame. While i slowly convert my present 600 to 12s, i'll have all the elecs i need to build another 6s.
Now that i'm buying 6S packs for the Gaui X5. I might eventually do a 12S setup. But if i do i think i have to make it a 700+ size. If i'm going to put that much money in batteries into each flight. I'm going all the way. Thats why i picked the Gaui X5. It has the best power to weight ratio i can find and only uses 1 6S pack. With a 4000 mAh pack it only weighs 5 lbs 12 oz. or approx 2.6kg (2608g). It's performance and power is impressive. I didn't think i could afford anything bigger than a 600. But being i have made it 18 flights on my Gaui without ANY ISSUE, especially a crash. Is not what i expected. You see because every one of my Walkera mistakes gave me issues and crashed before flight 10. Probably not my fault at all. So i had developed a mind set to the fact that my heli will just fall out of the sky. Now that i have made it almost 20 flights without any problems and on top of that flying harder 3D then ever before and actually being able to progress and learn harder moves. I can honestly say, if all good helicopters fly like this a Gaui X7 is in my future as well.

If i could find a cheap 700 airframe to build i would probably just do that instead. But there are not any clones that i am aware of? I'm no going to be able to go bigger for a very long time and my 4f200 has been pissing me off lately so i need a 250 to fill that space. But i almost wish i had just gone to the X7 instead of the X5. If i can fly the damn thing for longer than a week, like i have the X5, without it just falling out of the sky. I can definitely afford repairing it once every few months. But not if it's going to fly like my Walkera have in the past. I can't afford daily repairs and weekly bulk parts orders, like i had to do to keep my Walkera flying. I really want a Gaui X2 but it's too close to the 450 size and i already have two of those. The 200mm bladed DFC 250 looks like a good heli to me and it's the smallest i can manage to keep stable with the head speed staying normal in all the wind i get here.
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