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Well, thanks for the kind words. I guess I was disappointed in comparison to how accomplished I used to be and how terribly rusty I was today. Shucks... when I was young and fearless, I could fly 118 MPH Tyrantula's without looking at the thing! (Used to showboat and invite someone out in the circle to see what a combat plane looked like from inside the circle... then look 'im in the eye and carry on a convesation while I was chewing up the air behind me!)

Alas... those were the days!

However, I see what you mean. I should be thrilled I can even fly the fool things anymore. Givin' Honey Buns a kiss is a good idea... be right back...

Ah Chem:

Well... I was just being transparent, I reckon.

I can't help but feel that control line will be a part of me in someway for the rest of my life, either in action or in attachment... but HOW I will enjoy it in action remains to be seen. That I will deduce as time goes by.

Also, there is NO comparison to the feel of a plastic ready-to-fly plastic plane on short dacron lines and the flying ability of a good 35 size control line airplane on 60' steel lines. No comparison at all. IF you ever get a chance to fly one... do so... it could change your entire outlook and perception of control line.


Yup... nasty is the word. BUT... like you say... that wonderful exhaust smell... mmmmmm... sweet to the olefactory senses!

It will be interesting to me personally to see where this all leads me.

OF course... there is NO LAW that says I can't enjoy any of the aspects of model aircraft I want to, is there? I don't HAVE to stick with just ONE... right?
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