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"New" swash needs different config with "old" rotor

"New" swash needs different config with "old" rotor

By setting the swash mixing to 100 - 100 - 100 and going though the RX neutral and end point setup again. Then lowering the pitch to 90 i got the heli to approximately the same rotation rate and response on the cyclic as on my other V450D01 which is still using the "Old" swash with a mixing of 80 - 80 - 80. I should note that using the "new" swash on that heli yielded the same limited response. So it is not the RX or other variable between the two helicopters.

The original all CNC and brass swashplates are not currently available anymore. The "New" V450D01 swashplates are listed and available in some places in the US. But most places like wow hobbies and others have the "old" swash pictured. But for the time being, what arrives will be the "New" swashplate. Not a big deal except for the fact that they ARE NOT THE SAME. The new swashplate is now half plastic, encasing the ball joint for the main shaft. The new design is taller than the old style and it limits the cyclic response and rotation rate in flips and rolls VERY much if you use one with the old style rotor heads. Which is likely the case, if you happen to have a 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or year old version of this heli (which is almost everyone really) and crashed it recently, in the last say 4 months. The "New" V450D01 rotor head is also redesigned and has longer ball links on the blade grips to compensate for this new lack of movement on the "new" version swashplate. The stopper cap is also bigger as a result of the longer swash links. In my opinion the longer swash links will be MORE likely to take damage in a crash now because of the increased pressure that will be applied at the root because they are longer. Same thing with ejection of the stopper cap. Think of a lever, the longer it is the more force can be exerted on the opposite end. So in a crash these things are going to go flying. No individual grips are sold or ball links or anything! Not only that, the only way to replace them is to buy a WHOLE new rotor head. Yet, for some reason. Should you even be able to find one for sale in the US. The "New" v450d01 rotor heads now cost as much/more than an Align 450 DFC rotor head in their retail pricing.

I for one will be buying a Align 450 DFC rotor head and swash to install on my heli when i have the funds or break this swash. Which ever comes first. But with the 100 - 100 - 90 swash mixing and your pick of expo %. The heli seems to be flying nicely for now. But i'm not paying $29 for the "new" swash, EVER! and neither should you! Of course this build log will be updated when the change is made.

V450D01 - "New" swash needs different config with "old" rotor (0 min 0 sec)
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