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I flew my this evening at dusk. Did a couple of test glides as I laid out the high-start. After some minor trimming I did a launch at about half tension. This because I didn't have enough room to stretch the line any further.

I reset the stake and had enough time for a couple more launches before winding up my high-start in semi-darkness.

Though my air time was short the glider flew nicely and I'm quite satisfied. This is the wrong time of year to expect thermals in New York State but if I get a chance I will give it another try tomorrow.

I have a Carbon Cub, but only one Tx with me so aerotow is out for now. I am flying with a DX8 but have a DX-6i at home (visiting a flying buddy this weekend) so with luck I might get to try aerotow over Thanksgiving or so. Alas, (for me) my flying buddy is going to Cancun for a couple of weeks so aerotow might be delayed for a while.

The high-start line introduced a lot of twist in the rubber so I may make a monofilament based high-start. If I fly in near dark conditions again I will place the stake in the middle of a piece of 8.5 by 11 paper.

I will also use longer streamers on the high-start. I have some very light aluminized Mylar and will make some 1/8th strips to add to the glider end of the line.

If you don't activate the AX3S you can probably fly way longer than 25 minutes. Once you touch the throttle the gyros activate and you can hear the servos dithering away energy.

It may be wiser to leave it active though because it probably reacts quicker on high-start than most pilots so the launch phase is probably a bit safer with it on.

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