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Well I thought I had seen & heard most things but the latest development in the tactics from the OA sicken me quite a bit. How Low can you go, manipulating a man with a disability..

Just had a lengthy call from Steve who has suffered a stroke a while back. He had been on the improve but clearly this latest tactic by Mr M & the OA is so underhanded that his Illness is deteriorating. I could grasp this the longer the call went on.

Steve tells me Mr M has phoned him to ask that he intervene with me to cease posting on the web., as it doesn't look good for his OA.

It has been confirmed (by yet another source) that Mr M is saying he wants to resign from the Presidency of OA. So why doesn't he just get on with it... And give the class a chance to recover..

I told Steve that I found that Mr M asking him to act & speak for him is wrong. For the sake of his health he should tell Mr M to put whatever he has to say in writing & find some way of compromising with the ARYA & EC12 Class in Australia.

If not then if what Mr M is telling Steve the ARYA have the matter in hand & will be acting sooner rather than later. Steve confirmed Mr M told him the National Class Status is being looked at strongly.

So I suggest he hurry Up & Find some common ground on which to move things forward in a Positive Way...

If not then he knows what he has been responsible for. The simple answer is this EC12 Impost in Australia cannot & should not be allowed to go on forever..
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