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Originally Posted by Tom Frank View Post
Smell That's a new one! Either you've got a beagle-like sense of smell or you left your camera lying around near your cat!?

Sorry for the facetious reply, but I can't detect any unusual smell during my normal handling and use of these cameras, either when it's off or on and quite warm. And it's not been mentioned in any of the prior 368,666 posts in this 11 month old thread. Sorry, I can't help with this one! Maybe another user with an acute sense of smell can comment.
Haha, no cats involved. Thanks for the reply, either way, and apologies for my belated answer. Yeah, I'm fairly sensitive to smell of electronic gadgets - I find that Samsung's phones, for example, smell particularly nice and like they have a "good build quality".

Anyway, this #16 has an unusual smell for a gadget (at least, mine does!). I'm guessing it's the rubbery plastic material used for the case. I've smelled the exact same thing walking around on opening day of CeBIT in Germany, and I couldn't help but wonder. I mean, those are, while connected in some distant ways, two very different things.
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