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Originally Posted by LiutaS View Post
Few things why i choose hexa
1. Stability
2. Hope to get more flight time
3. More lifting power

I dont understads, why u need tricoper? Sound like bad idea. Portabiliti i agree, with yaw tricopter is too quick. This copter is for smooth video.
Another thing you will need powerfull motors, but than again for 3 motors to lift such weight is too much. For 6 motors is way much easyer.
Y6 will work better.
I like how my Tri does not change altitude or motor-speed when using rudder, you can adjust it super smooth. Downside is that flimsey mechanical control/servo on tail. My Ecilop gimbal does a good job of doing roll and pitch adjustments but not liking the yaw reacting to changing torque of props.

I assume fewer motors is better efficiency, fewer motors and controllers = fewer failures. I don't really believe in redundancy that much, usually things other than motor or ESC's break that still make it come down. I just discovered a main power-lead on my Ecilop that got corroded from soldering and was only hanging on a few strings, no amount of motors would have kept it in the air.

I have looked at Y6 but think they are not super efficient either.
Tri's give you a super wide view in the front for filming at any pitch angle, up to 120 degree views. Just wondering, not really ready to build one yet.
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