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First, the heli they sold me had parts that didn't fit, i had to order from somewhere else to get replaced. Rather than replace the defective parts of a brand new kit they sold, they quoted me on the cost. A missing screw in the tail section for example, they told me the cost of a new stabilizer mount set because they don't have the screw that was missing (A heli shop that doesn't have screws???)

Second, the replacement parts they sold me didn't fit in the heli (See VWinRC thread). Either the shafts were too thick, screws were wrong size, or just plain didn't fit. Then they insisted that it was the right part and strongly implied that i was doing it wrong... a screw that doesn't fit in the hole as specified in the official VWinRC manual is MY fault???

And now this. A tail set they sold fried the helicopter. They said that it's impossible because the unit they gave me was sealed, totally ignoring the fact that they had to give me an extra propeller because the one that was also 'sealed' inside it was split!
Hajile is online now Find More Posts by Hajile
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