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Originally Posted by builderdude View Post
It does sound like yours might have been a re-box, unfortunately. Maybe if you complain and send it back, you might get a replacement...I dunno. Even when flying mine outside, they seem to manage to find every obstacle there is. You're right about the spotty radio reception. Flying outside, I discovered that you really can't let it get too far away from you. I don't even think it has a 50 ft range. The closer to you, the better.

Also, even the lightest breeze can prove to be too much for these little guys. But they are fun. Yeah, maybe repair yours and try them outside on a calm day. I thought I might experiment with them after I finally total mine. I'm not sure how, but I'm sure I can come up with something.
I got mine thursday and finally had some nice weather to fly yesterday. The wind was still gusting up to 10mph every once in a while and the mono wing seemed to handle it alright. I am not sure how I like the biplane wing yet its a little tail heavy and doesn't float as well. My biplane wing was also in need of some glue

I had one issue with flying too far I think, but I couldn't reproduce the problem. I flew maybe 60ft and it lost connection but it glided itself right down to the ground and landed better then I could have! Might have been a little luck there but You are right they do seem to find anything to crash into if you are not careful haha.

The little battery lasts forever! I was getting 15 minutes easily gliding in the slight breeze! I saw a review where a guy said he landed it and the wheels kind of tucked under like they sometimes do, but the battery came loose, lost connection, motor stuck at 1/3 throttle and it flew off into the night sky! Mine kind of did that last night but it was completely detached from the wing. So that's something to watch for when flying outside.

It feels so fragile when handling it but this is my first slowflyer
I heard the carbon fiber prop tends to break if it smacks the ground/gym floor but parkzone vapor props will fit it. I want to try a prop saver on it!

For $42 shipped I cannot complain. I had a blast the few times I flew it yesterday!
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