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For Sale
Armattan 375

1st : Armattan 375 . It will have 3 extra arms and 1 extra motors and 3 complet sets of Props . The quad has been crashed but the arms bend and some guys I guess just straighten the arms out but I replace The arm with a new one . One motor shaft was bent and I ordered 2 extra motors and it will have the bend shat motor replaced with a new motor . It will fly nice when I change the motor and replace the bend arm , . It will also have a bag of extra nylon landing studs and other nylon parts . I'd suggests making a better landing gear unless your very good at fkying quads and even if you ate these quads are way over powered with 3 times as much motor thats needed 2600kv !!!1050 would be more than enough but there built for performance and they will sure do that lol. They are super fast and I'd rather just build something less crazy . I've only seen 1 or 2 guys that can fly these quads for what they were built to do. Chris the builder can do amazing things with them but most of the guys I see that have them just fly around kinda easy because as I said there way over powered for what we want. I suggest changing motors to 1050 kv and having fun and it would still have plenty of power but if you want to fly 100mph and do it in 2sec then leave the 2600kv motors on but I'll warn you now the slightest stick movement unless you dial down the stck scaling like I did to 10 or 15 it's going to get away from you . Even at 10-15 it still gets crazy with me and I've been flying a 450 with kk2 and a 550 with naza and never crashed them hard but this thing is a best as decribed in the Armattan thread . The frames are strong and can be straighten back out with your hand like I did with the center plates but the arms I just replace because it's easier to fly if all parts and arms are straight . So it will be perfect when you get it and will be flying like it should with extra parts Because as I said unless your very good at flying a quad with 4 times the power that's needed then you will crash lol . That was my mistake I did not realize that theyvhad that much motor and I thougt I could calm it down with stick scaling but the motors will always have 2600kv and you can't stop that lol. If it doesn't sale ill change motors to 1050 and have fun without crashing lol. I'll take $150 for it within all extra parts and it will have a new arm and a new motor on it when you get it and 1 spare motor and 3 spare arms Name: ImageUploadedByTapatalk1353174894.149838.jpg
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Description: this is the bad motor and arm and will be replaced . No rx or batteries $150 + shipping with all extra parts . You read all my post and I had a lot of issues getting it fkying but that was mostly the pos defected 9x TX I was trying to us and then by the time I figured out why It crashed in me 2 times I'd bent a shaft on that one motor and did not know it and do I thought I had more issues but turns our it was just a $8 motor and a pos 9x causing all my issues . But when the new motors come in I'll repair it and make a video with me flying it with a dx8 but I'll have to email the video because we do not have a Youtube account . And call I have is my iPhone thavksc
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