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Originally Posted by Brutus1967 View Post
And (please, I am NOT trying to insult anybody), american automotive engines are not, and never have been, a good example.
The 3rd Gen "Hemi" was designed during the Mercedes era of Damlier Chrysler so there was some European influence.

Originally Posted by Brutus1967 View Post
It is an emotional thing: You would buy a Dodge Ram (or whichever other truck) with an American made 5.7 litre V-8, making 350 HP (for example), but you probably wouldn't buy that same vehicle, if it was equipped with a European or Japanese 2.5 litre 4-in-line, making 400 BHP, just because "it wouldn't be the same".... And I have to admit, I wouldn't too....
A 2.4 liter I-4 making 400 BHP could not possibly have the torque curve neccessary for towing & hauling heavy loads. Emotion has nothing to do W/it.

Originally Posted by Brutus1967 View Post
The Hemi is a "superior design" amongst American V-8 engines, but it is still an old, inefficient design compared to European and Japanese engine designs. But that is just in line with what I said, which comes down to: "a too big engine for the application (and thus an engine that is running on part-load) is less fuel efficient compared to an engine that is tailored for the job.

Brgds, Bert
The 3rd Gen Hemi" is NOT the old traditional "Hemi" design. Indeed, it does not have a "hemisperical combustion chamber" at all. It is cruticized by knuckle dragging neanderthal types as not being a "true hemi". Indeed it is not, but it is far superior to the "old hemi" designs for N/A applications. The main similarity W/the "old hemi" is the layout of the valves in 2 rows long the crank centerline & the canted position of the valves in relationship to the bock/head deck.

My N/A 5.7 3rd Gen Hemi made 426 RWHP (500+ at the crank) & 460 ft# of RWTQ. It got 26 MPG on the hi-way in my 2006 Dodge Charger after upping the axle ratio to 3.23 from 2.82.

"MDS" is "multiple displacement system". It deactivets the valve train & fuel injection on 4 cylinders @ low load conditions. The higher numerically axle ratio allowed the engine to run in 4 cylider mode on slight to moderate grades thus improving fuel economy

The 3rd gen Hemi is very similar to the Saito combustion chamber design as it employs flat top (in some cases dished) pistons & a closed chamber design. It has more in common W/Japaneze & European designs (other than the cam in block geometry) than the old 1st & 2nd Gen Hemi engines.
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