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Originally Posted by Quick61 View Post
Yea, I really like that one. If your going to do an RC conversion (and why would you not?) I would upgrade the main spar 1/4x1/8 with I beam shear webbing and more than likely go for a rudder elevator set up than elevons on this one, but maybe it's just me. As far as to how hard it would be to build? Asking that kind of hints that you have not built a bunch of scratch woodies. Though, with a little thought and taking your time it should not be that hard a project to take on. At least they are calling for balsa formers and not ply. Those formers made of ply would almost be a pain to cut by hand.

I'd say GO FOR IT!!! Start the build, and if you get real stuck on something, snap a few pics and ask. Lot's of good folks here and at least one or two of them might even have a clue.

I really don't know of any real build instructions as such out there but it should be more or less straight forward and build up like most any other. nothing all that special going on in the plans that I can see. Well, other than the funky way they want the wings attached. Might be the other thing to mod... Music wire and brass tubes might be a better way to stick the wings on.


This is true. I have yet to build from plans alone, unless you count my Miss Stik which is about as close to a scratch build as a kit can get. This is another reason I feel a wing would be a good place to start - simplicity, and as it is intended to be a chucker than building a prototype per plans would let me experiment with the design in real world conditions.

As this bird is intended for Windier conditions and slope I can see the sence of a rudder for yaw control; however since the wings do have a slight dihedral (3.375" over span length) how would the rudder affect flight? Edit: I don't plan on areobatics, so how the washout or in applies to inverted flight would be moot.

I have saved the .pdf plans, so I can wait and ponder as long as I like before starting such a prodject
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