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Originally Posted by Wookster View Post
I'm a friggin idiot. We had a fly in at a gymnasium. Towards the end I decided to hover the 450 around. Just hover, nothing fancy. Managed to lose orientation in the lights. I just lost it. Nearly hit myself in the face, then put it into the wall. Carbon fiber went everywhere. The damage report is minimal, under $50. I'm more upset at the idea I could have hurt someone. Just keep running it through my head and cant figure out what happened. I just couldnt see it. Lesson learned, but still very upset with myself. The "what-ifs" are kiling me on this one.
I did that a few weeks ago with my SR. I lost it for a second in sun glare while making a hard banked right turn coming back towards me. The next second I could see it, it had rolled out of the turn and was headed sideways at full speed for the side of my car and my gf. I rolled it full right and managed to pull it out and cleared my car window by inches, my gf was able to duck in time... I immediately hit throttle hold and then it slammed into a fence. I had the same feeling though, going over and over what went wrong and not being able to pin point it. It happened too fast and in that second I couldn't see it, I didn't know why it suddenly snapped out of the bank.

Less learned: never fly into bright light or anywhere you might lose a visual on the heli.
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