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Genius CP circuitboard caught on fire, what happened???

My tail was starting to split, it was so loose i can twist it 90 degrees without a problem, and i think that was why the tail was starting to wag so much.

I ordered a new tail set from eHirobo but it won't arrive for another two weeks so i went over to the local hobby shop (yes, the same guys i bought the 450parts that didn't fit) and bought a tail motor from them. The thing about it tho is that the tail blade was split in two so they gave me another tail blade. I did wonder what kind of force it had been subjected to have a tail blade break.

So i changed the tail section, plugged in the batteries, and powered it up. The heli started spinning uncontrollably, it seems the tail motor wasn't spinning. So powered it down while i tried to figure out what was going on.

Then all of a sudden thick smoke started coming out of the canopy and it was lighting up. The thing actually caught fire!

The misshapen chip with the white top between the RX chip and the connectors was actually glowing very brightly.

Can anybody explain what happened? What was the chip that burned up? Can a faulty tail motor cause that?
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