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More focussed time today - now on 8s 5,000 40c. Motor is A60-6XS - V2.

Have experimented with a variety of 18 x 8 props (APC, XOAR IC and E, PT) and concensus (with input from a few seasoned campaigners) is that 18 x8 just isn't enough load for the motor and it is over-revving even when limited to around 80 Amps through the throttle curve. So it is now back on a 19 x 8, throttle curve to a peak of just over 60%, and pulling around 85 Amps peak. Similar performance to 18 x 8 but no more prop screaming at full throttle. Have a colleague who is flying one on 6s (65 to 130c cells) and concensus is this set up accelerates and holds speed a little better on uplines - but for accurate, fun, sport flying 6c is great (and flies a little lighter).

After sorting props I flew four full flights of P-13, at full F3A scale and in moderate 45 degree blow in wind - and it is coming home with around 15 - 20% left in the packs. In this configuration it is sitting just under 5kg flying weight (with separate flight battery).

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