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Originally Posted by surfer_kris View Post
I have seen brand new Enya engines which where run in with synthetic oil from the start, and they just wear out straight away. There is simply no substitute for castor, a blend might be fine though.
And I have broken in and succesfully run in Enya's on Synthetics without any problems.... strange, huh?
Trust me, if you need castor, you're either doing something wrong, or there's something wrong with the type of synthetic you use.

Originally Posted by surfer_kris View Post
It is the piston to cylinder fit that wears and it will not seal. It may well be a combination of the castor being a thicker oil and also being able to build up a varnish that both helps to improve the piston to liner seal on iron/steel constructions.
That is just plain rubbish: Castor is maybe thicker when cold, but way, WAY thinner at operating temperature, it has a terrible viscosity index compared to synthetic oils.
And it is for a large part viscosity that keeps metal surfaces separated.
What happens is that where metal to metal contact occurs, local flashtemperatures also occur, causing the Castor to form the deposits at these exact spots.
A good synthetic prevents these flashtemperatures all together, by preventing metal to metal contact, if properly run in.

That all being said, I am not contesting the fact, that given the alternatives available to the individual modeller (and possibly their local prices), Castor could be the better choice.
But the statement that Castor is the ONLY alternative, is just plain not true.

Brgds, Bert
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