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Originally Posted by Sundancer View Post
A question Brian; I have seen various figures quoted over the years for the number of Mk I bees produced, ranging from 20,000 to 100,000 - I wondered if you have any more accurate information on production numbers. I know that, in the early fifties, every modeller you met seemed to have one or more.
George, I'm only a "messer around with engines", and I've never considered this kind of "administrative data". Kevin Richards may well have an accurate idea, but I'm reduced to "ballpark reasoning".
Looking at all the S/Ns that I'm aware of, and assuming that the S/N actually corresponds to the number produced, it can be seen that the "monthly figure" occasionally exceeds 1000, but these are not a "majority" of engines. I've never seen a monthly figure that exceeded 2000 (has anyone else seen one?).
So, based on that, what would be a likely average monthly production figure, over the 7 years of Mk I production? Well, it seems that around 1000, or maybe a bit less, would be a reasonable guess...
The Mk I Bee was produced for about 84 months, and applying the above reasoning (which may be completely wrong!), it seems likely that the total Mk I Bee production may well have been between say 60k and 80k engines...
To me, it seems unlikely that production could have been less than 50k or more than 100k, but all that is only "reasoning", I have no knowledge whatsoever on the subject and I'd be interested in any other opinions!
We really need Kevin Richards or Richard Dalby on this...
George, hopefully I shall start messing with a few Comp Specials next week... I'll send you a list of questions that you can ask, and questions that you mustn't ask!!!
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