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Originally Posted by unfaix View Post
yeah I know, I am wondering what they want to achieve.

having fun flying, or having fun learning how flight controller and PID contribute to a fun flying machine, then flying.

You know?

Like if the Naze32 looses the members' interest, then I could only think that, the problem is connecting the controller to pc, change some PID then test, then to pc again, then test, etc.

And going to the KK2 with the buttons and lcd built in would allow more flight time, with less pc involved but still have to configure.

Otherwise, I dont know of any controller that's super simple other than dji
An OPCC would be better as an educational tool, which I'm sure the executive board would prefer. Actually, that is probably a good idea. An OPCC would make the copter an ongoing educational project whose results we can see in the real world, and its user friendly interface makes it approachable. The KK2 would make it more of a toy we'd probably lose interest in eventually anyway.

Again, depends on the price though. I can rationalize all I want but in the end cash is king, and ours is in another castle.

Originally Posted by KKUSA View Post
What FrSky receiver are you using? Are you sure you have one with CPPM out? Only a few of them do.

If you are sure it does, and your wiring is correct then its as simple as below.

Connect to the Naze using a serial terminal (i like realterm) at 115200 baud.

Then execute the following commands.

# <send> (enters CLI mode)
mixer quadx <send> (sets mixer to X mode)
feature ppm <send> (enables CPPM)
save <send> (saves changes and reboots)

After that, download the Multiwii GUI for version 2.1. Connect to the port it is connected to. Watch the radio channel bars to the right as you move your sticks, they should move. If not, check your wiring again.

That should literally be all that is needed. Then you can make sure your motors are spinning the right directions, and is responding to sticks properly. Leave props OFF for all this.
We're using a D8R-II Plus flashed with the D8R-XP's latest firmware essentially turning it into one. I've tested it myself, the CPPM is fully functional.

As far as connecting to the Naze, we don't have the proper equipment. The closest thing we have to that would be the FUC-3 FrSky serial cable for upgrading firmware which didn't seem to work.
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