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Putting in the cast portal windows, I made a mess in so many ways. So where to begin, I sealed the lenses with CA. CA does not react with the resin like it would with other plastics (I am not an authority on this, I just have not run into fogging with cast resin - others with more experience can speak up), but you can still put it where you do not want it to go and I did. Every single one of my widows had CA on the flat surfaces. I also messed up the frames around the windows (and knocked off my basket - again). It was time to step away from the bench and come back when I was not going to turn green and mash things. That, as it turned out, was a good thing to do. I created a mini polisher using my foredoom and some brass that I made.
I painted the edges aluminum (because the pictures I have of it in use the bezels were silver in color. That did not look good, but it did help cover the missing paint from were CA was cleaned up from.
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The flat end of my custom polisher, I would dip in CA, put a piece of sandpaper on and trim it close to the brass. Beginning with 400 grit, 600 grit and 800 grit, then used 4000, 6000, and 12000 wet sanded each portal. In-between each grade it was easy to peel the old sandpaper off, dip the end of the polisher in CA and move on.
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I repeated polishing until the surfaces were smooth and mostly free of CA. The bezels still look like heck, so I might paint them back to blue.
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Yes, I know not as good as I wanted to, but they are on!
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After this, I did a water test and had some water leak in. It came from the aft end of the tube. I can see that the gasket does not seem as tight, so will play with that in a day or so. see what happens. In the mean time will begin to test electronics.
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