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Originally Posted by Daemon View Post
Ya, that looks straight enough. That only leaves the tail then.
Regardless of what the rudder looks like, try just trimming it out
with rudder. If you're holding full right aileron to fly straight, give it a bunch of right rudder
trim in the air until you don't need any any aileron input to fly straight.

Ok, I'm hoping to fly the thing tomorrow, so I'll report back then. I'm not seeing much twist in the tail either though... Here's a picture of the Horizontal stab. in relationship with the main wing:

(Those rubber bands aren't used for flight btw, I just used them to temporarily mount the wing for this pic!)

Its pretty much dead even with the main wing. It may take a bunch of rudder to get this thing trimmed out too... I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure I tried using rudder in one of my first flights a couple months back, and I still don't think it really solved things.
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