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Originally Posted by Brutus1967 View Post
Can't really believe this is a cure for a problem that actually exists, because the consequence invariably is, that multicylinders do have the occasional sticking valve, and I can not say I have EVER, in 20 years of professional engineering, as many years of motorcycling, more so in modelling, and general messing around with engines of very various configuration and fuel source, encountered a sticking valve, not even on the Engines operating on Heavy Fuel Oil that I work with professionally. And you wouldn't believe what kind of dirt buildup these engines can have in the intake and exhaust channels....

Brgds, Bert
I can say it happen's I just had a four stroke stick a valve at the beginning of the year. I left it stand on its spinner over last winter. I had no room so I left it like that and didnot oil it before storing. I flew it a few times then went to start it and nothing. I thought it was the plug so I changed it and nothing so I pulled the valve cover and watched as I turned it over. I forgot which valve it was but it was stuck open so I rinsed it down with a bit of fuel and hit the starter to it and watched to make sure it loosened up. I also agree they do not have much compression while shut down. I know saito's are better when not running but this was a magnum and it has very lttle compression. And it is only two years old and only a gallon threw it. So I didn't think it would stick a valve when it was almost like new. I could see if it were old and all crusted up but I guess it happens from time to time.
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