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I think I have see his work and it looks good…he is a craftsman....but the price of $250 just seems like you are not valuing your work, and really considering the full cost of supporting a manufacturing and customer service operation. Manufacturing controls and product support are very different from making prototypes. Really look at all of your costs. I have no doubt about proper Russian designers making awesome products. i would feel just as safe sitting in a Russian built SU-27 as I would in a F-15. But... a SU-27 does not cost 1/4 the cost of a F-15...SU-27 price = 30 much for F-15...wait for it.......$30 million. Quality is not cheaper in Russia…or anywhere…marketing people just make you believe it is by appealing to emotions.
Just really look at your pricing structure and make sure you can really support customers at $250 each including overhead and everything...and make some money for yourself...otherwise you are just going to piss people off. I bet the price settles in around $400-500.
Pdawg...let’s be real...the fan packaging and layout is almost an exact copy of the Schubie...down to the carbon foam sandwich shroud…and I’m ok with that if he is somehow adding value to the product. The way it is supposed to work in the world is you improve on existing products by improving value. Value consists of many things including customer support, performance, safety, ease of use. The problem is so many products are made inferior to the product they are competing with...and the only appeal is a lower price. This is fine when you are talking about hair driers and sunglasses...but when you are dealing with something like a high performance fan that is pushing materials to their limits...cheaper does not make the product more valuable. I hope you succeeded but please explain what give this fan value? if it is quality and performance...then your price does not reflect that...unless this is a social project and you are doing out of the kindness of your heart.
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