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The Spektrum transmission standard is actually quite popular in Asia but is associated with JR rather than Spektrum transmitters. It appeared that there was an agreement between HH and JR that prohibited the sales of cheaper transmitters with 8 channels or less in the US. Whereas Spektrum branded transmitters were rarely available in Asia. It was during this period of DSM and DSM2 that a lot of problems were reported. Some of which were due to incorrect installation and there was also a problem with interference since Asian cities probably have the highest concentration of 2.4G equipment in the world. Even now, there are still JR owners who prefer to keep using their 72mHZ equipment rather than to switch to 2.4G.

There was also a big problem for JR. Japanese law does not allow the use of non-hopping frequency 2.4G equipment beyond 10mW. This makes it basically impossible for DSM2 equipment to be sold as standalone transmitters in Japan. This actually also applies the the current line of Wakera Devo transmitters. (Again, the Walkera 10mW versions can be hacked to transmit 100mW.) Anyway, JR then developed the DSM-J standard and now the DMSS standard that are incompatible with Spektrum. Now JR is completely divorced from Spektrum. It will be interesting to see how things go from here. Neither Blade helis and Eflight planes were ever that popular or even sold. This is mainly because of the high price and lack of service. If HH wants to maintain a foothold and expand in Asia, they really must let vendors lower their prices accordingly. For a start, they should allow them to buy directly from China rather than the US. HH opened an office in China last year so it seems that they are taking the China market seriously. The only street vendor left in Hong Kong who sells the mCPX and 130X have just started selling the V120D02S. This is really indicative of where things are heading over here.
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