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After receiving some sample servos from OMG company of China, HDT064200C, and LDT062200B, coreless and brushless respectively, I unpackaged them and what I found were very nice , well engineered servos.

They both have aluminum center case anodized in green for better cooling, both have TG (titanium gears) for long lasting without slop.

The brushless servo example I received is of the low voltage variety, meaning 5to 6 volts, while the coreless servo is of the high voltage , 6 to 7.2 volts.

Both servos have 20 kg of torque and the speed is .18s/60 degree for the coreless and .07s/60 degrees for the brushless.

Now for the test.

First, the coreless “HDT064200C”, was set up for centering precision, and speed, on lipo battery.
The centering test showed repeated precision, to be as good as any I used or tested.
As for speed, it is as fast as claimed, but what I was amazed at, was the response time from the transmitter , again better then most I have seen.

Now for the Brushless “LDT062200B”, using lower voltage, of 6 volts .
The speed and centering is absolutely first class. But one thing I did notice, the brushless was much more quiet then the coreless, although the coreless was well within the noise level of other digital servos, and a bit more quiet then many.

For the not so good part:
The only thing I didn’t like was the servo wheels included , they are OK lower class servos, but I believe better servo arms should accompany these first class servos.
With this being said, most people using these servos will most likely go with after market arms…

I am now building a 55% Scale Pitts S2A and will be using these servos for controls…

OMG servo centering test (1 min 10 sec)
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