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Originally Posted by Budasac View Post
For now I'm just going to get a few spare parts that seem to need replacing on all helis: like the frame (skids), canopy , tail, etc.
Most common damage so far are the landing skids, and motor. Buy a couple of main motors as backups because they're the first ones to break... actually, you may burn up all three motors before you need to replace anything else.

My canopy looks like crap, but still serviceable. It may look fine in the pic, but the underside is shredded. The thing abut it is that the holes for the legs have corners. And everytime you hit something, the legs push against it and a split eventually forms. Use a soldering iron to burn a hole at the tip of the split and it should stop it from spreading further. Then use tape to hold it together on the inside of the canopy. Even after several hard crashes, the nose is still dent free, the only damage you really can get is the split that grows from those leg holes.

You can see a hole in my lower canopy in the pic

That's a pretty big split that started out as a little one, i burned a hole in front of it and it hasn't gotten any bigger since.

How do you guys like the Devo 7? It's only $138 for the Genius CP w/ the Devo 7. I wanted to get a Devo so I could buy some other BNFs. I know the Devo 7 is the cheapest in that line of TXs, is it any good? Or am I going to want to upgrade it soon? I saw it stores 15 models, so I figured I would be all set with Walkera stuff.
It's good enough. Everything you need to fly is in it. And even has a seventh channel for you to attach gadgets to (bomb bay doors, camera switches, fireworks launchers, provided the heli's big enough to carry them). The only bad part about it is the interface. The thing is a PITA to learn and setup, especially for someone that's never flown a heli before.
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