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In contrast to my difficulty get the F4 board working properly, the F3 has come through. Here is link to my F3 tricopter up and flying--
2012 11 16 11 10 27 (1 min 3 sec)

Thanks lilvinz.

I have noticed a few oddities in getting it airborne. The yaw gyro needed to be reversed on my tri, no biggie. Stranger, when I save configuration settings through GCS, it tends to bugger the calibration settings on my esc's, necessitating recalibration. I did finally figure out that if I remove the esc's from the board prior to making changes, the calibration is unaffected. These are simonk HK F-20A's for reference. Lastly, in attitude mode I am limited to less than 90 degrees of yaw in either direction and the copter tries to return to its original direction. Perhaps this is axis lock? (I am new to Open Pilot) Although, I have turned off that feature in GCS.

Other than these, it seems to fly quite well. Obviously, I am still trying to get the kinks worked out, but it looks very promising.
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