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Maiden X 2

Took the Pat and Tweety Birdy out today for both their maidens. First the Pat, since it already had a history and after the pre-flight and a short take off run she jumped into the air. Control was solid and just needed a little down elevator trim. Very nice flying airplane and the aileron rolls were very fast. I never retract landing gear on a maiden, just flew her around to get to know her. Looks great in the air. Inverted flight was nice with just a tad of down elevator. If one did not know any better, they would think she has a balsa ship. Had just a little crosswind and I think she will handle wind as good as a balsa ship. This old Army Airfield has a tilt, and I dropped her in from about a foot as the stall was higher than I thought it would be. Not surprised though at it's high AUW. Just tweaked one gear leg. If I knew she would be this heavy, I would have installed the next size up e-retracts as they are very solid on the Super Pacer and Tweety Birdy. This runway is pretty rough. Fun flying airplane.

Next, the Tweety Birdy's maiden went real well also and landing was nearly perfect. This time I landed on the opposite runway that inclines upward. Much easier. The aileron roll rate of the TB was a lot slower than the Pats, and will have to adjust for that.

All in all, an excellent day. Looking forward to flying both these planes more when I get the chance.

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