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Wow! I don't have the two models to make a side-by-side comparison, but looking at the pictures from the HK site and comparing them to the 3DHS build manual, it's pretty easy to see that it's an exact copy. Now, copying an airplane using modern digital tools can't be that hard. Just apply some debonder and take the plane apart piece by piece, use a scanner of some sort to measure the pieces and feed it back into your laser cutter. Done! (Pretty much)

I've always been trying to give HK the benefit of the doubt because they provide a cheap way to get people into the hobby, but if this is really an exact replica (and the evidence sure points that way), this is seriously uncool! They are obviously targeting 3DHS in a very apparent and intentional way.

But it also reflects on HK as a company who can't come up with a good 3D design (they've tried numerous times) without creating an exact copy of someone else's plane. It's sad to see a company with vast resources not using them to invent and drive the hobby forward. Look at ValueHobby, for example, in comparison, who comes up with its Sabre X. They instead went with an original design and came up with something unique that also flies very well.

It's just sad to see one of the most successful companies in the business resort to imitation instead of invention.
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