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Originally Posted by jodini View Post
Enjoy the build Rick! If you have any questions, please send me a PM, email or post out here.

One thing I would suggest you do, is on the landing gear, toe them out a little. I believe the diagram has them straight down at a 90 degree angle....I would come out a little on the bottom to help with ground handling.

I flew mine today, just for fun. Did some rolls for the first time....that was fun! Rolled left and it flopped right around! Very happy with this machine! 6 kits left!
Can't wait to get it in the air. Regarding toe out on the landing gear that is pretty much recommended for any kind of tail dragger. And it is an easy experiment for anyone to do. Try toe in, straight, and toe out and see which one you like better.

Thanks again Joe. Your magic is good.
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