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Originally Posted by karlik View Post
I'm sorry, but I just don't understand why you'd want to buy a walkera radio and convert it to be compatable with one of the most popular brands out there? It's not like walkera makes a better transmitter tham spectrum
Actually I think there is a pretty good case to be made that Walkera do make as good a transmitter as Spektrum, and maybe better. Spektrum may be more popular in the US but that's not the same thing as 'better', and I believe that Walkera is much more popular than Spektrum in Asia.

I don't have a lot of experience with either brand but based on what I've read here and elsewhere, Walkera quality has improved considerably over the last few years and Spektrum have had their fair share of issues too. It's just that Spektrum (being part of Horizon) have a much larger dealer network in the US, much better customer service in the US, and a huge variety of BNF planes and heli's that are compatible because of Blade, E-Flite, and ParkZone (who are also all part of Horizon so naturally use Spektrum's radio protocol). So their popularity seems to me to be more a matter of the above, than it is based on the quality of their hardware.

At the very least a Devo TX running Deviation is much more flexible than any Spektrum TX as far as support for more protocols is concerned. Also I'm personally not a big fan of companies that practice price fixing. So being in a similar position to the OP right now I'm leaning strongly toward the purchase of a Devo. I'm just holding off a bit to see what the next release of Deviation looks like.
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