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The Stratos is definitely cooler-looking than any Cub I've ever seen. What I've read suggests it's a decent starter plane as well. No personal experience with it myself though.

Jamal, I see you're in Charlottetown. Drop in to Great Hobbies, and ask for some suggestions. They have a good, helpful crew there. You'll also get to see the choices available locally, as well as get an idea of what's available for spare parts. No matter what plane you go with, crashing is inevitable... and the only thing worse than a crash is not having the parts available to make repairs.

When I started, I was hell-bent on getting a warbird... until I'd read enough threads here on RCG to get it through my head: trainers, no matter how dull or boring they look, exist for a reason. Swallowing my pride and heeding the advice I found here, I picked up a Hobby Zone Super Cub... and never regretted it. In fact it gave me a great appreciation for the plane, and I now own a larger Super Cub as well! Everything else in my hangar is a warbird...
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