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Originally Posted by jasmine2501 View Post
Depends on who you ask... I personally don't trust Open Source stuff. I know the guys who do the embedded stuff for spacecraft here - they are not the same guys who are doing the open source stuff. There is a difference in caliber, and in my opinion, it's significant. I would simply not trust my aircraft to embedded software written by "guys on the internet"
Jasmine, much of the software that we take as absolute go-to software comes from the open source community--much of it from Linux: Libre Office, Open Office, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome (in the Chromium flavor), Thunderbird, Pidgin instant messaging, DD-WRT for routers, GIMP (alternative to PhotoShop), VLC media player, 7-zip file compression, gparted hard drive partitioning and formatting, InfraRecorder, Audacity (!), the list goes ten times longer of open source software as good or better than any commercial alternative. You want security? Truecrypt, open source of course, is the most reliable and secure cryptography for your computer. I'll put my money (none!!) on open source VirtualBox for a virtual machine before the commercial VMWare or any others I've used.

Open source is ready, willing and more than able to take over if Microsloth and Apple continue their crusades to abolish power users and reduce desktops and laptops to the capability of a cell phone. Nobody needs to pay for computer software any more unless they want to play games. A misstep by Microsloth and/or Apple could be fatal to the company because, for the first time ever, alternatives are available that are so good that the dead company wouldn't even be missed.
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