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Adding the "Visibility" to the undersides after thinning T.E.


Today, I went ahead and thinned the wing's entire trailing edge to a more or less sharp edge- less than 1mm thick. I started by removing some material with a fresh Exacto blade, and completed the task using the 3M foam sanding block. The resulting airfoil is blended into the original contour about 1/2" back from the aileron & flap hinge line.

Once the thinning was complete, I ironed on the 1.5 mil clear Doculam film over the entire area which was reshaped; this covering also wraps the trailing edge & extends on the underside another ~1/2" to result in a very durable thin trailing edge.

I've decided to set up this wing for Spoileron function for landings- it works well for shortening landing approaches on my Multiplex Easy Glider & my Viento / Siren warmliner, so it should do the job nicely on this Phoenix 2000. So I used more of the laminating film to immobilize the flaps and seal all of the hinge line gaps and servo cutout holes. This leaves the aircraft about 1-1/4 ounce lighter with fewer drag-producing structural elements on the inboard section of the wing.

I installed Turnigy TGY-90S metal gear servos for the ailerons; I'll use two more for the rudder and elevator, and save the four stock servos for another light foamie project. I closed the excess openings around the aileron servos with tape & masked the servo arms.

The next step was to add the high visibility Krylon Fluorescent Red-Orange paint to the underside of the wing and horizontal stabilizer, and to the entire vertical stabilizer. Having the entire underside a brilliant color really offers my eyes the best visibility at extreme distances. For now, the top of the wing can stay white... that's not the side I'm seeing when I'm flying and hunting thermals!!

The photo below shows the results as the painted parts slowly dry on a cool day in Colorado's high country. I may also apply some fluorescent red tape to the belly of the fuselage to complement the other painted undersides, to give a good view of this fine glider from below.

More Later.

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