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Originally Posted by SteveT. View Post
10S would probably work...and, though I have no practical experience with the motor, (other than it is in the same series), I would bet the A60-7S would be a great motor for this plane. It is a 215KV 3000 watt (peak) 2500 watt (nominal) motor that draws approximately 68 amps, and will easily run on a Castle HV-80 or higher HV ESC. The watt specs are right in line with the motor I am using....and Hacker is noted for under-rating their motors, so, I have no doubt it could be pushed a bit harder....

As to flight time, I tend to fly a lot of high throttle stuff, so only about 5.5 minutes.....but if I took it easy, or put a Xoar prop on it, I would probably get longer flight times. I am actually using a Xoar gas carbon fiber prop...perhaps a lighter prop would give better times.

OK, back from the 92" Edge prototype thread

Ah, thanks for all the details. I'll check out the ESCs'. Yes indeed, and I had already zeroed in on the Hacker A60-7S V2. It's right at the top of my list for a 10S setup. I use heavy throttle management on my EP, so with 10S I'm thinking that I should be able to get between 6 to 7 minutes 3D flight times with a Xoar 20x10.

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