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Originally Posted by aphily8ed View Post
So on a real Tx is it common practice to put the rudder on the right stick with the elevator or is that not possible?
IMO it's required. When it's your plane you can set it up any way you want - I've even seen people do things backwards (Lukas Riva for example, when he wants the helicopter to go up, he pushes down on the throttle stick - opposite from the way everyone else in the world does it, but the guy is a Pro)

The general consensus is that you "put the primary steering control on the right" and in a 3-channel plane, that is the rudder. If your 3-channel plane is well-behaved, it doesn't feel a whole lot different from flying with ailerons. However it is generally slower to react and less precise and that causes a training problem for some people. It made things harder for me, and I didn't really get the feel for what I was doing until I got a Stryker, which is a pusher jet, very fast and very precise. The Stryker is still one of my favorite planes.

Disabling the ailerons or not using them is not how you turn a plane 3-channel, and I suspect that's the other issue you might have had. A 3-channel plane needs to be specifically designed to turn with the rudder, and most 4-channel planes can not be turned very well with rudder only. Try a proper 3-channel plane like a Champ, Slow Stick, or Easy Star, and you should see the difference - these planes will bank-n-yank with rudder only, but something like a Nexstar/Alpha or Apprentice won't fly well that way.
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