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Originally Posted by easyrider604 View Post
You probably don't remember this, but you had to crawl before you walked, right?
My mom says I wasn't interested in walking, I was only interested in talking, and I learned to walk only so I could bug people

Point being, our desires often exceed our abilities, and it gets us into trouble. Part of growing up is learning to recognize our own abilities and if there is a deficiency, we address it. If there's nobody to talk to, you do the work to find them, and if that means you have to get up and go walk over to them, that's what you learn to do.

Your requirements are too strict, you are going to have to relax one of those requirements because there just isn't anything available which meets all the requirements. You are going to have to spend more money, deal with HobbyKing, or get a standard trainer - you aren't going to be able to skip all those normal requirements on your first plane.

As for 3D planes flying slow - that is an illusion. It's the same illusion that lets Michelle Kwan make a triple axel look easy. Flying in high-alpha 3D "slow" flight is an incredibly energetic state, in spite of it looking low energy - it is a flight state where most of the energy from the prop is being wasted, and it feels a lot like driving on a frozen lake, if you've ever done that. It is the airplane being turned into a helicopter, but it's a sucky helicopter, with a bad control scheme. It takes a lot of skill to be able to fly a 3D plane slow. I can make it look easy, but it's not.
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