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Martin Rudolph (MMR)
Glider name: Aksent II DLG
Thermal or Slope: Thermal
Date and Time of flight:11/16/12 12:45PM
Duration of flight: 18:37
Location: Greenville, NC

Had an interesting 'lunch-fly' session today - overcast and breezy (gusting up to 10 mph) - temperature in mid to high 40's.
Decided to take the ballast out and was going to try and fly as many 2 or 3's as I could get - then I caught a 'whirlwind' thermal that propelled me way high and I disovered that there was a large patch of lifty air up there - so I decided to hang out at that height. Actually could have gone longer, but the timer went off and I had to dive and land and go back to work... Hey it pays the bills...

Oh well - at least it's Friday and I can sneak in a bunch of flying over the weekend! Hope conditions hold

Thermals! Martin
MMR is online now Find More Posts by MMR
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