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I've done a lot of hand launching of RCs. The whole start of my flying RC in 1958 was handlaunching, but planes were usually 50" or so span. They were modestly powered, a typical ship would be a rudder only Midwest Esquire, 50" WS, fox 15 baffle swinging a 10 31/2" prop; no vertical performance there. My latest is gliders with power pods, 110"WS with Tee Dee .09 and such. A nice lauch with the ship parallel to the ground or slightly nose up. If you try and throw these low powered things up and at angle, I think yoou are inviting a stall, quickley follwed by a snap into the ground.

The plane may descend a bit or just fly level, but let it go until it bilds some speed then ease it up. Don't yank back on the sick or make turns until you are really flying. You shouldn't need any input from the xmitter until you can get both ahnds on it if then.

You should have a clear path in the air ahead of you so the model has a chance to gain airspeed before you need to turn.
I think your biggest problen with a 2 meter ship is keeping the wings level when you launch it. Little gusts fron a slight crosswind can really make it challenging to keep the wings level.
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