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board / tx summary

I'm not sure of the right place to post since there are 3 related threads...
I have a v929, v939 and v949. I've been mixing and matching boards and transmitters (just the WLToys tx) to see what works. Maybe we could put together some sort of version tracking spreadsheet.

The conclusion I've come to is that there is sometimes a 5th channel in play.

V929 tx- no right-hand button, no channel 5
V939 tx- right-hand button, activates channel 5 at any sensitivity setting, signal is sent as long as button is depressed. Tx has annoying constant beeping at 100% sensitivity.
V949 tx- right-hand button, activates channel 5 when button is combined with stick motion, only works at 100% sensitivity. I also think it issues the command once as a pulse, implications of that are below. Thankfully they did away with the annoying beeps at 100% -it beeps only as you're pressing the right hand button to initiate a flip at 100%.

Sensitivity settings
At 20%, 40%, 60% and 100%, all the txs share the same output readings on the tx screen with the exception of yaw at 100% sensitivity on the original 929tx - it ranges from 5%-95% whereas the others output 10%-90%.


JR-WL-FD02R Rev 02 2012-06-08
- bought August 2012, this was my original V929 board which has since died. 4 ports (no LED)
- I always thought it flew great
- flips with any of the WLToys tx set to 100% (flip logic is based on high stick signal >60% according to the 9x owners)

JR-WL-FD02R-1 Rev 01 2012-07-22
- September 2012 replacement v929 board after a FET fried on the board above (from Banggood)
- like above, flip logic based on high stick input
- I didn't have it at same time as the board above but from memory, it flies equally well
- 8 port, LED ports turn on/off with channel 5

JR-WL-FD02R-1 Rev 02 2012-07-30
- October 2012 - came with v949, 8 port board
- mine doesn't fly quite as well as the board above, I would say it behaves as if the gains are too high - too much compensation coming out of a turn or stopping suddenly
- flips with channel 5, will flip continuously if channel 5 signal is sustained
- 8 port, LEDs controlled by throttle channel - on if you're flying, off if throttle is off.

There are a few implications of this channel 5 thing:
929 owners - if you swap the board with an 8 port replacement, you can add LEDs and control them if you use a 939 tx (or a 949 tx but the combo button is silly). With the 929 transmitter you will never be able to turn your lights on. Otherwise, I thought flying characteristics were the same between the original and 8 port Rev 01 board.
949 owners - if you want flip capability at tx rates other than 100%, use a 939 tx and flip at any sensitivity
- if you want sequential flip capability, use a 939 tx or else you have to keep clicking the right hand button every time you want to repeat a flip
939 owners - at least we have something useful from this purchase This is the only tx that provides dedicated channel 5 control.
- I still need to try some better batteries for my 939. People say this makes the difference but I can tell you that mine is useless with the stock batteries.

A few comments about the 949.
- lights are cool but don't really help with orientation as its so small and hard to tell what's front and back. But they are cool!
- the canopy is total garbage. It's very noisy and really interferes with the flight performance - lift, agility, stability. In my opinion, a stock 949 flies much worse than the 929. Remove the canopy and you get 80% of the way back to the 929 performance. Put the bug or paper canopy on it if you want it to remain covered, just look out for the canopy edges against the led wires.
- even with the canopy change, it doesn't fly as smoothly for me - I think the board doesn't match my style as well, or maybe it's just not quite as good. Would like to hear other observations as I'm sure there are lots of us that have more than one model. As I mentioned before, it feels like the gains are too high and it overcompensates, swinging the quad back the other way when it stops. Like excessive gyro gain on a heli.

So I think I'll be flying my 949 with the 939 tx. I usually find 100% too sensitive so the annoying beeping won't be present, I like the sequential flips, the ability to induce a flip at any sensitivity and being able to do it without the need for a combination button/stick command. If I give it to a friend to try out, they get a kick out of the flip but no way can they control it at 100% sensitivity or coordinate the button press/stick motion combination when learning to fly for the first time. One of the things I love about these quads is that you can give them to newbies (like my 77 year old father-in-law) and they're able to fly almost right away!

For my 929, I don't think it matters which tx is used. If my 929 breaks, I'll probably put the board in the 949. I think it's the best flying board and the lights can be powered and toggled with channel 5.

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